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Natural Gas System



About our gas pipeline network

Natural gas pipelines

With more than 1,000 miles for transmission pipelines and 22,000 miles of distribution pipelines, Vectren's natural gas system serves nearly 1.2 million customers. Maintaining a complex natural gas system is a constant effort to ensure safe, reliable delivery of clean, dependable natural gas to homes and businesses. From pipeline inspections to replacements and upgrades, Vectren strives to comply with all industry and federal standards.

Find projects in your town

Explore our interactive map to learn more about our current pipeline replacement projects or find ongoing or planned projects in your town.


Improving our system

Vectren is in the middle of a 7-year plan to replace nearly 2,000 miles of old pipeline with modern plastic pipeline across our Indiana and Ohio service territory. The plan, which also includes extensive testing and maintenance, infrastructure improvements and metering enhancements, will result in a variety of benefits:


The work supports more than 2,200 jobs annually across our Indiana and Ohio service area.

Economic impact

The work is projected to generate an economic ripple effect of more than $100M in spending over 7 years.

State/local revenue

Our plan is projected to result in nearly $40 million in increased state and local government revenue effects over 7 years.


Pipeline work map

Visit our interactive map of ongoing and planned gas pipeline work to find projects in your town.



More resources

Natural gas safety information

Find out how to detect a natural gas leak and what to do if one occurs. Visit Natural Gas Safety.


Find documents and information related to gas rates and tariffs. Visit Rates.

Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is a 20-year forecast that outlines how we will serve existing and future customers in a reliable and economic manner. Learn more.

Need more information? Contact us